History Journal Publishers permitting their PDF in Institutional Repositories

There aren’t a whole lot of history journal publishers that SHERPA/ROMEO shows as allowing the publisher’s version/PDF in institutional repositories, so I was disappointed and irritated when Cambridge University Press stopped being among them a year or two ago.

I was happy to discover last week, though, that Johns Hopkins University Press now allows it. They may have already when I was first looking into this a couple of years ago; perhaps I just missed it. Either way, I’m happy to see the increase in the academic presses that allow it. Johns Hopkins University Press, in fact, appears to have the most journals (27) indexed in America: History & Life and Historical Abstracts of any of the publishers that allow IR deposit of the publisher’s version/PDF. The next most is University of Chicago Press with 18 and then University of California Press with 17; after that are MIT Press, University of Hawaii Press, and University of Pennsylvania Press, which are each in the single digits.

Journals from such publishers seem like pretty much the best-case scenario for the articles most attractive to readers when found in IRs and therefore perhaps to authors when depositing in IRs. The best within that group, actually, would be those that don’t require an embargo. Of the group above, Johns Hopkins and California have no embargo, MIT and Hawaii generally have a 6-month embargo, and Chicago and Penn appear to have a 12-month embargo.

[Edited to fix the number for U of California Press.]

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